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​Thea M. Gilbert 


Ms. Gilbert has been a contract attorney at Pima County Juvenile Court since 1997.  She has represented hundreds of children and parents in cases involving DCS and delinquency matters.  Ms. Gilbert has also represented guardians, foster parents and other family members in dependency and termination of parental rights cases.  

When your child or family member is involved with the Juvenile Court system you need an attorney to advocate for you, explain the circumstances and protect your rights and the rights of your child. 


Ms. Gilbert has represented numerous parents in complex divorce and custody litigation.  She is a fierce advocate for her clients and relentlessly pursues their case goals, while seeking to minimize costs with reasonable and focused negotiation.  

Divorce and custody battles are increasingly common and very expensive.  As your attorney, Ms. Gilbert's goal is to accomplish the results you want, but keep the fees and costs reasonable by settling as many issues in the case as possible. If no settlement is reached, she stands ready to take the matter to court and fight her hardest to get what is best for you and your family. 

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Foster Parents

Foster Parents are an essential and integral parts of the child welfare system - often they are the unsung heroes of impossible and challenging situations.  Sometimes foster parents are not treated very well by the very system they are trying to help.  And even worse, sometimes foster parents are accused of child abuse themselves.  

If you have a licensing investigation you need an attorney to protect you, and your children, as well as your license and reputation.  If you have a foster child in your care, and your voice is not being heard, having your own attorney can help. 

Ms. Gilbert has substantial experience representing foster parents as parties in dependency cases, to advocate for placement and permanency options, as well as helping foster parents who are undergoing a licensing investigation.  

Grandparents and Relatives

Are you a grandparent or family member taking care of someone else's children?  You need someone to make sure you are protected if the case goes to court or if DCS is involved.  

Often times family members are the "last to know" what's happening in a court case - with Attorney Gilbert as your lawyer, you can be sure that your position will be presented to the Court and that DCS will have to work with you, not against you.  

Sometimes grandparents are deprived of time with their grandchildren.  Ms. Gilbert has represented grandparents in Superior Court cases for visitation and in some cases guardianship of their grandchildren.